Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

It is time to catch up on our lives for the past month or so...

To start with, we had Liem allergy tested because of the picture below. He is constantly breaking out in hives all over his body. This was by far the worst that he had. Yes, that huge spot on his lower back is because of a hive...
This was the result of his allergy test: he is allergic to everything! Grass, trees, mold, dust, cats, dogs...Below is a picture of his back during the testing.
The doctor put him on 3 medicines each day and we go back in 3 months. Since he has been on the new medicine, he has only had hives twice! This is such a is so hard for him to be in constant pain/itching from these hives! I'm so glad that he is improving!

Last weekend we got to celebrate Miles' 1st Birthday!! We love this sweet boy & can't believe how much he has grown in just over 3 months of being home! His party was adorable, Jackie did an awesome job at setting up & decorating!
The rest of the time we've been playing around the house & swimming
Other than this, nothing new really...we've just been working & the kids are at Coleman's. Lyla likes it there some days, but not every day. We are having trouble with her hitting again. I have no idea what to do about it. I know she will learn with time, but it is hard because I'm not there to correct her. So, the lack in consistency doesn't help much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Until We Meet Again...

Today would have been my dad's birthday. I would give anything for him to be here now and see these two beautiful children! I can only imagine the smile on his face!

You're Always In My Heart, Until We Meet Again

Friday, June 4, 2010


This week has been warm & sunny so the kids were finally able to swim tonight! As soon as we got home from school they put on their suits and were out the door! Lyla LOVED it!! We have always called Liem a fish, but Lyla stayed in the pool longer than he did!
In the beginning
After about 5 minutes
Liem kept the pool clean
and "helped" Lyla learn to "swim"

time for a break
can you believe how long her hair is?!!
When Lyla sleeps she always starts out with her shirt/nightgown pulled up over her mouth. It is so funny, and if I pull it down she will put it right back.
Have a great weekend, I'm sure we will!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful 3 day weekend! Jeff got home Saturday around lunchtime and the 4 of us spent all weekend together, it couldn't have been more perfect! The weather here has been amazing, sunny and hot! We had some friends come to our house yesterday for dinner. The kids played hard and crashed once it was bedtime!
Miles LOVED the trampoline!
Keith and Miles jumping
and Alex
Jackie & Miles
Serena & Hannah
Lyla, Liem & Alex
Miles & Hannah
Hannah didn't like the grass to touch her legs
All 5 kids
Lyla & her new favorite toy...power ranger
Beautiful Hannah
Tonight I took Vicki's lead and got Lyla's ears pierced! Much like Lily, Lyla comments about my earrings all of the time and says how "pwetty" they are. I have asked her before if she wanted them and she said yes. Today after school I showed her how Lily got her ears pierced and she was so excited! She said that she wanted it done and was ok that it would hurt. She did shed a couple of tears, but didn't get very upset at all! She is so proud and absolutely loves them! You have to ignore Liem's expression in this picture, he had just shoved an entire blue airhead in his mouth right before I snapped the picture!