Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yes, we still exist! Sorry for the lack of blogging, but our computer crashed last month and we haven't replaced it yet So, take a seat, this post might take a while!

Today Jeff left for Flordia for the week. Yes, he is going to class, but I have to agree with Liem when he says that Jeff gets to go on vacation without us! We took him to the airport this morning and sweet Lyla cried when he left. Once again, it is hard to explain some of these things. We told her that she can talk to him on the phone and he will be back soon (Saturday). She was over it by the time we got out of the parking lot...more on her emotions, (or lack of) later!

Liem is doing great! Soccer is over for the season, so he doesn't have any activities right now and he feels bored all the time! Liem has horrible allergies this year, much worse than ever before. I'm taking him to the allergist on June 7th so hopefully they will figure him out. If I don't give him Claritin or Benadryl every day, he will break out in hives - it is terrible, he swells up so big and hurts and itches. Needless to say, the school nurse and I are on a first name basis now! He still adores Lyla, and won't ever leave her alone! He takes such good care of her and can't wait until 3:00 every day so he can spend the rest of his day with her. They still play so well together, and haven't had any fights yet. I know this won't last long, so I will cherish each hug that they share!

Lyla is doing MUCH better in school! We think things clicked with her 2 weeks ago!! Mrs Lyman puts a happy or sad face the back of her hands (one for a.m. and one for p.m.) depending how her day goes. She has come home several times with 2 happy faces (and some sad faces here and there)! We couldn't be more proud of the progress that she is making! The question we get asked most often is "is she learning more english?" My answer to that is simply, "no". She says a few new words here and there, but no sentences, and when she does speak it is very difficult to understand her. I am not the least bit worried by this. As far as I'm concerned, she is just perfect! She is quite the diva, but sweet at the same time. She is friendly to most people that she meets, loves to sing and dance and smiles all the time! She is learning that it is ok to cry when you are hurt or sad, this has been a huge improvement. She is so strong, that she hates to cry, so I'm glad she is beginning to understand her emotions! Below are some new pictures from the last month or so!

Lyla & one of her new favorite people...grandpa!
She still sleeps like a maniac!
Liem at the stick horse rodeo
Liem's Sunflower he drew at school
Princess & Ninja...priceless!
Finally ate a hamburger! American Girl :)
Trampoline fun after school
Lyla's favorite part of any playground!
Beautiful Kids