Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is something missing?

Yep, you guessed it! She lost another tooth! Lucky for her, she doesn't have anymore loose right now!

Many of you have been wondering how school is going for Lyla this week. She is doing wonderful! She is so excited in the mornings when she gets to go, but she is even more excited when we pick her up from after school care! It is so sweet to see her running across the room yelling "MAMA" as loud as she can when she sees me in the afternoons! I know this excitement won't last too long, so I'll cherish these moments while I can! Liem is doing great also! Soccer practice has started up again, and they will have games soon! He is such a great athlete and excels in every sport he plays!

I've been horrible about taking pictures since we've been home from Branson, so I'll add a few from our family photo shoot that we had done a couple of weeks ago! If you want to see more, head over to Ruthie's Blog! Thanks Ruthie for the beautiful pictures!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We spent the past 3 days in Branson and stayed busy the whole time! On Monday we went to the Landing for lunch and shopping for the kids. We only went to 2 stores there; build a bear & build a ride. Believe it or not, Lyla got a Panda Bear! I just started laughing on the spot, she was so cute! This girl is obsessed with panda bears and anything that sparkles
Liem and Jeff went to the boy store...build a ride or something like that. He built a remote control police swat car!

Monday night we took the kids to see the IMAX movie called Wild Ocean. It was Lyla's first movie theater visit and she loved it! She enjoyed the movie and the popcorn! That night when we got back to the hotel Jeff took Liem and Lyla swimming. Another first! Liem played with a little boy that was there with his family and Lyla was pretty much attached to Jeff the whole time. She spent most of her time in the hot tub, very little time in the pool. We aren't sure if it was too cold for her, or if she was a little scared, or maybe both.

Tuesday we took the kids to play miniature golf. I can't even tell you how funny it was to watch Lyla play golf. Bless her heart, she is the clumsiest person ever and golfing made it that much more obvious! She enjoyed her self, and we all got a lot of laughs out of it! 

 After golf, we went and let the kids drive go karts. Liem liked it, but the kiddie karts were too slow for him. Lyla got the hang of it, but was too distracted. She was busy watching everything else that was going on so she was constantly missing turns and running into the rails! After they drove their cars we took them to the big track and we drove the 2 passenger cars. They really liked this one! Liem liked it because he and Jeff beat Lyla and I. Lyla loved it because it was fast and there were a lot of hills and turns. She would laugh and scream every time she would see Jeff and Liem ahead of us!

We also went to see the Acrobats of China on Tuesday. It was a great show, I highly recommend it! We didn't have to pay for Lyla's ticket b/c she is Chinese! So, for any adoptive families with Chinese children, keep this in mind next time you go! Liem thought it was cool that they were so strong and Lyla's favorite part was a pantomime skit that they did. 

This morning we got up and went shopping for a little while. After lunch, we went to the fish hatchery and to the lake. It was a beautiful day to be outside! It was a little cloudy and very warm. Liem and Lyla thought it was so cool that they got to feed the fish. We went for a short walk on a trail at the lake and found a rocky beach to spend some time at. Liem spent most of his time there skipping rocks and Lyla would throw rocks in the water. Half the time I was worried that she would hit someone in the head.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today has been very exciting for us! First off, Liem was baptized in church this morning! He told Jeff back in December that he asked Jesus to come into his heart at church. He has been wanting to get baptized since  right before Christmas, but with our schedules it just didn't work out until today. We are so unbelievably proud of him! He is such a sweet boy and he loves Jesus! 

Drumroll Please...
Liem lost his first tooth last night!! He and his friend were wrestling in the snow and it got knocked out! He was and still is so proud!

Yesterday it started snowing here and Lyla was in awe! She would just stand at the window and stare out for several minutes at a time! We decided to let the kids (Jeff, John, Liem and Lyla) go out and play for a while last night! They played hard in the back yard, jumped on the trampoline and built the biggest snowman in the front yard! Today we took the kids to a local church with a huge hill and Jeff, Liem and Lyla did some sledding! They were all so cute & had such a blast! Lyla LOVES the snow and couldn't get enough! Like I've said many times before, that girl is so much like Liem!

We have had Lyla 1 month today!! It goes by way too fast! She is learning so much, her vocabulary is constantly growing. Don't get too excited though, we still can't understand 97%  of what she says. The good news is, she can understand most of what we tell her!

We are heading to Branson tomorrow and will be there for a few days. I'll leave you with Lyla pictures from 1 month ago & today!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Update

I am happy to say that Lyla and I both survived Kindergarten on Thursday!  I sat in the back of the classroom and observed, the only time I was actually with her was at lunch. She did very good considering she has never been in that kind of environment! Lyla only cried once all day and that was when Mrs Lyman took her to the room next door to work with her while her class did reviews for some testing that is coming up. She has made several friends, the kids in her class love her already! She would sit still for a few minutes then would be ready to move on. It will take her a little while to get used to being so busy and scheduled. Mrs Lyman is a wonderful teacher and she is very patient with Lyla. There is also an intern working with Mrs Lyman right now from JBU, so that allows them to spend one on one time with Lyla. On Friday morning, I dropped her off for her first day alone and I left without tears! When we picked her up we were told that she did pretty good, she cried a few times through the day and got very tired. Here are a few pictures!

Lyla ready for her first day of school

Liem and Lyla

Mrs Lyman, Lyla and Ms Laipo (not sure about the spelling)

Yesterday after school, we had a family portrait session with Ruthie! Jeff and I do not have family pictures done very often (only 3 times ever). When we got home from China, Ruthie asked if we would like to have new pictures done so we jumped at the chance! It is still so surreal to believe that we are a family of 4! We went out to Lake Fayetteville and Ruthie got some cute shots! Lyla was so tired she kept yawning it was so cute, poor thing was just worn out from school!

Last night we met John, Serena and Hannah at Bud Walton to watch the Gymbacks compete against OU. It was fun, the kids loved it! Lyla called the HOGS for the first time and it was so cute! Liem liked it too, but was worried when we got there that he'd be the only boy. I think he was relieved when we went inside and he saw that there were several other boys watching! Hannah got into it just as much as Lyla and Liem, she danced and clapped her hands to the music. Hard to believe that sweet little girl is already 8 months old! 

I'd like to wish my wonderful father in-law a very Happy Birthday tomorrow! Mike, you are the best and I am so thankful for the Godly example that you set for all of us! We love you and hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Tomorrow is a big day in the Taylor household! I will be accompanying Lyla to Kindergarten for a trial run. The whole school thing has been the most stressful part of her adoption. We desperately want to do what is best for her, but we have no idea what that is right now. Ms Malone, the principal at Tyson, talked to us for a while today and she strongly feels that Lyla will grow and improve in Kindergarten much faster than we can imagine. So, tomorrow is the big day! I'll stay with Lyla all day and we'll see how she does. Next week is Spring Break, so unless something major happens at school tomorrow she will become a full time Kindergarten student beginning Monday the 29th. I have prayed and stressed all I can about this decision. I want more time with her, and it just isn't feasible right now. So, we feel that Tyson can provide the help that she will need. Please pray for Lyla AND ME! I'll definitely need it more than her!

On another note, she pulled a tooth out at church on Sunday! Now, she has lost 5 teeth and has 1 that is still loose! Liem has 4 loose right now, so it won't take long for him to catch up!
Here is a picture of toothless

and soon to be toothless
Lip Gloss, check; purse, check; jewelry, check; 
hair accessory, check (even though it never lasts)! 
100% GIRL
This may have been her first Popsicle ever! She LOVED it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gifts, what are those?!

Yesterday, April, Kylie, Niki & Serena hosted a Welcome Home shower for Lyla! It was so much fun, and Lyla had a blast! I didn't even realize until we got there that Lyla would have no idea what the gifts were. She even helped carry some in and just set them aside. Well, it didn't take long! After the first few gifts, she really got the hang of it! As guests would arrive, she would greet them at the door with a hug and would gladly take the gift off their hands! It was sweet to watch the smile on her face as she would open all of the bags and boxes to see what was inside each one.

She got lots of new clothes...

and accessories!

Her favorites by far are her baby dolls and dress up clothes!

We would like to thank the girls for the fun and beautiful party

And, thanks to our friends and family for coming to meet Lyla

Liem got some cool new toys too! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Smile...

 is CAVITY FREE!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was our first visit to the dentist. It was pretty traumatic for Lyla. She gets scared anytime she has to lay down on an exam table (doctors office, dentist office). While we were still in China and we had to go to the doctor for her exam, she cried when they laid her down on the table to feel her tummy. For some reason, it makes her nervous. So, that alone was the beginning of a long appointment. Her gums still bleed quite a bit when she brushes, so needless to say, there was quite a bit of bleeding. She cried hard, but I must say her teeth look absolutely beautiful! Dr Jerry said that the only explanation for her having such good teeth was that she has to have great genetics! This momma couldn't be more happy for Lyla! She already has all of her molars in, has 2 missing teeth, 2 loose teeth, and 2 permanent teeth. Poor Liem has yet to lose 1 tooth, but he has 4 loose right now, so it won't be long! A sweet friend of ours has offered us a family portrait session, so we are going to try to schedule that before these kiddos are toothless!

As you can see from the picture above, Lyla loves the trampoline. She will put her shoes on and come up to me and start jumping and point outside. It is so cute! She does this all hours of the day, even at 7 in the morning! She doesn't even mind going out by herself while Liem is at school, but she does prefer jumping with her sweet brother!

Lyla has done so good eating the past few days! Yesterday she ate a PB&J sandwich, which is Liem's #1 food group...she just loved it and probably would have finished it if I didn't bring out the chips! This morning she ate pancakes! We are making progress on her food and are so excited!

It is so much fun having 2 kids! We've waited so long for Liem to have a brother or sister that he can play with and it's still hard to believe that Lyla is actually here. She is a perfect fit to our family and we love having her home! It is so much fun to see how everything is new to her. Below are some of her favorite new things:

Shooting Liem with an empty Marshmallow Gun while he plays football

Diesel, enough said!

Playing with Dolls

Sleeping in her bed