Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was one that Jeff and I will never forget. The pure joy and surprise that comes from a 7 year old that has never had a Christmas is priceless. Lyla loved it but was very overwhelmed. It was major sensory overload for her. She hugged each gift and thanked everyone profusely. On Christmas morning while she and Liem were opening their gifts she picked up one of her dolls and started brushing her hair. That is when we knew she had enough. Liem's favorite things by far are Madden 11 & his basketball goal! Lyla loves everything princess (surprise I know!) and her coloring books.
Gingerbread Houses
Ready for Christmas Eve church service
Christmas Eve with the Taylor family
Christmas Eve - Bedtime
Last, but not least...Kenny & Mindi sent my mom a Kindle!! She LOVED it in case you couldn't tell!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We are looking forward to our first Christmas with Lyla! So many new & fun experiences for our sweet girl! Liem is very excited also, he is most excited about giving the gifts he picked out to his family! Such wonderful children we have!! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lily and Lyla

Lyla and I just got home from a whirlwind trip to beautiful California! We flew out on Thursday morning and got home Sunday night. It was a wonderful trip. I absolutely love how adoption has brought our two families together. Lily has the most amazing family! What a blessing it is for our girls to stay in touch and still see and talk to each other. Our trip was so much fun, we are already ready to go back - this time with Jeff and Liem!!
When we arrived on Thursday we went straight to Disneyland!!! The girls had fun and so did the adults!
Best Friends Reunited!

Waiting for "It's a Small World"
 She saw Ariel on the ride!
 In front of Minnie's House
 Of course she had to lay on the bed :)
 Mickey's House
 Before they attacked Mickey!
During the Mickey Attack! Poor Mickey!!
Lily & Lyla with Goofy
 Meilynn & Emma (Lily's Sisters) with Goofy
 Lyla LOVES horses, it's an obsession
 Princess Lyla & Lily
 Princess Emma & Meilynn
 Friday was spent at Lily's house. It was a great time for the girls to play together. Lily and her sisters (Emma and Meilynn) were so sweet to Lyla and always included her in everything they did!
Lyla's FAVORITE toy!

 Talking to Daddy
 Making Gingerbread Houses!


 Emma & her Gingerbread House

 Lyla, Emma, Meilynn, Lily
 Lily, Lyla, Emma, Meilynn
Emma & Lyla

 Church - for the girls rehersal
 On Saturday, we went to Church for the girl's Christmas program rehersal. After that, we ate a quick lunch at McDonalds and went to see the Nutcracker - so much fun! Lyla loved the first half, but was very tired after that. After the show, we went to the Mission Inn in Riverside and looked at the beautiful Christmas lights and had dinner.
Lily & Lyla
 Outside Ice Skating - notice the standing water...
 Emma, Lily, Lyla, Meilynn

Love Lyla & Meilynn's faces

I can't even explain this next house to you. It was just too funny for words. This is a small house that has 25+ Christmas inflatables in their front & side yards. The owners dress up as Santa & Mrs Clause and they allow you to go in and take pictures with them. All of these pictures are from their house/yard.

Sunday we woke up and went to Church. After that it was on to the airport for a tearful goodbye. It is so sad to see Lyla so upset when she and Lily are separating. It will just break your heart.

 Thank you Mike, Vicki, Lily, Emma and Meilynn for allowing us to spend time with you this weekend. We had so much fun & can't wait until next time!!